This month Men's Health featured Chef Ford Fry's favorite tradition of making BLT hot dogs with his kids. Keeping the Father's Day theme going, check out what our fantastic team of dads at Superica are looking forward to this Sunday.

Kevin Maxey, VP of Culinary: "We are almost always in Orange Beach, Alabama the last week or two of June. My birthday is June 27th and by July 4th the crowds are thick enough to scare all the fish off. If everything comes together we are going for a sunrise boat ride, long morning of fishing, picnic lunch on the beach , afternoon swim and bed by sundown. Another perfect day."

Sheldon Wolfe, Kitchen Manager: "Since this will only be my second Father's Day as a dad, I don't really have any traditions yet, but I do have an idea that I hope to implement this year.  Music is such a large part of my life and my son seems to be right on track with his fascination with all styles of music as well.  So each year I would like to find a concert around Father's day of a band or artist that has made an impact in my life by either inspiring me to expand my personal musicianship or simply just because I enjoy listening to them and take him to see them.  I hope that by doing this, it will encourage his creativity and foster a desire to one day write and record music himself"

Andrew Palermo, General Manager (pictured above): "I am still a young father that doesn't have any traditions yet, but if I can get a good nap in on Father's Day, I'll call it a win."