Well it has been about a month since JCT Kitchen’s Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival, and I think I have finally cooled down from the Atlanta heat. This day always means a lot to me because of the direct impact we are able to have on Georgia Organics. We were able to raise $100,000 this year and we couldn’t have done it alone.  I love seeing the restaurant community do what we do best… come together as one for a great cause. The Killer Tomato Fest is always one of my favorite days of the year, (and not just because I got to play guitar with friends for Chef Zeppelin), but because everyone that attends can feel the uniqueness of this day. People that know me best know that I love to make things a competition, and nothing is better than watching chefs and mixologists from all over outdo themselves year after year. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us for this awesome day. See you again next year!