Nashville is just such a killer town. The food scene is real and truly inspired, just as the music scene is and both together is what always brings me to Nashville. With Phillip from Rolf & Daughters to Tandy at City House and Josh at Bastion / Pinewood Social and on and on, the city is not lacking for sure. As far as what we would like to do, it always starts with the neighborhood and what we feel would be a wanted addition. The Hammer Mill building is just so amazing, anything inside there will be cool. As this is a bit far out, we are still in the planning phases but what I know is it will be three distinct spaces but they will all work together with the majority being highly seafood centric. I am always a fan of local music talent so I can also see a fun version of a "listening room / honky tonk.” But whatever it is, it needs to be true and unique to Nashville.