I met Jeni a few years ago at an event in Atlanta and instantly appreciated her love of decadent flavors and doing something new. Jeni’s first Atlanta location is neighbors to JCT Kitchen, so I have watched the cult following behind her brand, and could not help but remember my first job working at an ice cream shop in Houston. I was a better taste tester than scooper but my love of ice cream stayed with me forever. 

This past fall, I ran into Jeni at a BBQ festival and convinced her that we should collaborate on a custom flavor. We met for drinks at Superica, neighbor to her Krog Street Location, and the rest is history. Though she vetoed my first idea of a chicken biscuit flavored ice cream, we came up with a great sundae that is Jeni’s take on our Coconut Pie from BeetleCat. The sundae is available at Jeni's shops nationwide now through Thursday, March 16, and consists of Jeni’s salty Caramel ice cream, salty caramel sauce, toasted sweetened coconut, honey graham cereal and is topped with raw honey coconut whipped cream.